Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekending in the Rain

Sometimes a rainy weekend is just what the doctor ordered.

This weekend found us enjoying lots of down time. But, along with that, I managed to enjoy: a little knitting, a little television, some cooking (yes, I did some cooking!), craftiness, a family walk, and a little apple picking.

Kieran chows down on kale chips he and I made together. They're easy and oh so tasty!
Along with the kale chips, we roasted a pumpkin and the pumpkin seeds. Those pumpkin seeds were roasted perfectly!
Streaming Felicity on Netflix? Yes, please!
Catching up on some crafty odds and ends.
Finished up a little gnome mobile in fall colors. Soooo cute!
Wore my new rain boots on our walk today. These were an impulse buy on a recent trip to Bangor. I actually got these at a real shoe shop, not a thrift store! I did get them on sale, however. I haven't completely lost my marbles!
Okay, I'm sort of cheating here as this chair doesn't really have anything to do with my weekend (although I did spend time cleaning it up). But isn't this fantastic? I'm in love with my new sewing table chair. Got this baby at a thrift shop in Bangor for $2.99!
Kieran picks apples in the rain. He filled his bucket and then transported them to a large bowl in the kitchen. You can just make out the hoe he used to knock the apples down. Maybe I'll go crazy and make an apple crumble or something.
Hope you all enjoyed a little bit of coziness this weekend!


  1. I love a Lindy whose so content in being home with her family and baking! AMAZING!!

  2. Love your peacock gumboots, and chair! And thank you for your post about anxiety- it was fascinating. I used to suffer from anxiety attacks for a couple of years, though not to that extent I don't think. I'm looking forward to learning more about you :-)