Thursday, October 13, 2011

Message in a Bottle

So, I was thinking about using this space to have a wee rant this morning. But then, on the beach with Patrick around mid morning, I spied this:

The plastic baggie was neatly folded and nestled in a small plastic juice container. The cap was on there pretty good, so I gave it a little muscle to get it off. I was so excited by this find that I had to calm myself so I wouldn't tear up the contents as I tried to extricate the baggie from the bottle. What I found inside the baggie was this:

When I saw this, I couldn't help but smile. I even teared up a little. At that moment, it didn't seem so bad that 1) I'd run out of chicken food; 2) we've been without hot water for six days; 3) my hair and my kitchen are pretty dirty 4) the car battery died this morning so I can't get the chicken food or the parts necessary to fix the hot water heater. 

All these little things that seemed like such a drag were quickly put into perspective by Nicholas' happy drawing. Instead of focusing on these inconveniences, I started wondering who Nicholas was and where he lives. Who is that with him in the drawing? His mom? Sister? Is that even him in the picture? Was this "message in a bottle" part of a school project? Did he realize he'd change the course of a person's day by sending his drawing out to sea?

I am constantly reminded of how cyclical life is. The ups and downs of life that seem to occur on an almost daily basis. As I get older (and wiser, I hope!) my faith in the pendulum swinging back around, returning me to a place of balance and joy, grows stronger.  That saying "you've got to take the bitter with the sweet" is all too real. Sometimes I tolerate those bitter times with grace. Sometimes not. But no matter what, I have absolute faith in that cycle. It is that faith that provides me with comfort when I am faced with life's hardships, big or small.

And so, we'll boost the car. We'll have hot water back by tomorrow (fingers crossed!). And in the meantime I'll heat water to wash dishes and I'll make sure the chickens get plenty of grass. And despite my greasy hair, I'll remind myself that basically, my life is pretty kick-ass. Thanks, Nicholas...


  1. Where did you find it? I am constantly combing the beach in hops of a bottle one day.

  2. That's awesome! I hope someone, who knows him, sees this post.
    And sorry to hear of your troubles.... I know what it's like to be without hot water- or water at all. Generally it's in the dead of winter. Our pipes like to freeze- if someone turns off the drip :(
    Luckily- we usually have a lot of snow and the woodstove going constantly. It makes a great 'kid chore' gathering all the snow :)

  3. That is awesome! I need to do that with my kids, such a fun thing to do! It is so true about the cycle of bitter and sweet.
    So when are you coming to visit???

  4. What a lovely and heartwarming story! Thank you so much for sharing your find with all of us. I'm sure that in the cycle of life, Nicholas will be rewarded for sending you his message. :)

  5. What a neat little reminder! I'm so glad this happened to a person who really could appreciate it :)

  6. Yes, it is the drawing of my Nicholas, first let me to introduce my self, I am Jayne Bryant (I am Mexican and live with my family in Carlow Island, Eastport) 3 years ago when we begin to build our house in Carlow Island, my children Nicole and Nicholas found a bottle with a letter inside which was done by a boy of Perry, Eastport, my children responded to his letter and a few weeks later they received a letter by mail with a photo of the boy and their brother, then my children decided to do the same thing
    It was last year (september or october 2010)when Nicole and Nicholas put several bottles with drawings in the ocean from Carlow island, Eastport
    I am happy that a drawing have changed the day of a person
    In this drawing Nicholas drew his house, in a sunny day with his sister and him with his kite that he flew last year
    Nicholas is 7 year old and Nicole 10 and still there on the ocean alot of bottles with their drawings

  7. Jayne, I am so thrilled I know who sent the message! I've heard he's a wonderful, sweet little boy. Please thank him for making my day! I am keeping his drawing as as a little reminder for myself. Actually, it's on my refrigerator right now!