Monday, October 17, 2011

A Thoroughly Wholesome Weekend

Yes, our weekend saw us spending the bulk of our time outside (thankfully the weather cooperated wonderfully) in activities of the thoroughly wholesome variety.

I mean, what could be more wholesome then touring a local farm, hanging out at the beach, and pressing apple cider? Not much, I can tell you.

Kilby Ridge Farm in Dennysville was having an open farm day, and that is where we found ourselves on Saturday afternoon. Since I made the decision to buy more of our food locally, we've been enjoying some of the delicious vegetables that this farm produces.  As I strolled around the grounds of this beautiful farm (which looks out over the Denys River) I felt so good knowing that this is where some of our food comes from. I also got the chance to speak to the farmers from Old Sow Farm and Creamery, a local dairy farm. We have been loving their milk, and their yogurt is delicious, too.

Kieran ran all over the farm with his friends.
Could we be any more wholesome?

Those at the farm were treated to music by Heron and his jazz trio. Don't they look happy?

Kieran, Patrick and I capped off the day with a walk to the beach. Kieran crawled around on the rocks while I sat in the late afternoon sun and worked on my neverending wool poncho.

Wholesome, downeast Maine boy.
The kids enjoy a wholesome tractor ride at the cider pressing party.
My friend has the most gorgeous, auburn hair I've ever seen. It's like mermaid hair!
The kids are crawling all over the apple trees.

Yup, we Westons are a wholesome bunch!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 


  1. That sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me! I love how you can just "cap off" your day with a trip to the sea...that is the only thing that Vermont is missing.

  2. Sounds like an ideal weekend to me!!! So glad you are getting right into eating local. This summer I was not as great about getting to the farmers market every week as I was last year. I think you guys need to get yourselves a chest freezer and start buying sides of beef and pork locally raised of course). There is nothing like knowing you have a freezer stocked for the winter.

    BTW-I love the Old Sow Farm yogurt, I can buy it here at our health food store. Delish! Another bonus is the glass container that I can reuse!

  3. Becky, I agree! We DO need a chest freezer! Buying locally raised meat in bulk would make our life so much easier! But baby steps...

  4. Oh my goodness, this makes me so sentimental for Fall in the Northeast. It's the only time I get really homesick for a real autumn, and your lovely photos are not helping!