Thursday, October 20, 2011

Graduation Day

Well, we did it! Patrick and I graduated from the Basic Obedience Class we have been taking for the past six weeks!

This is us on Graduation Night. Don't we look happy? Patrick even got a haircut in order to look his best for this special occasion. I must tell you that he got lots of compliments.

This accomplishment is no small feat. It has been a big commitment on both our parts. The class is held one evening a week in Machias, which puts me back in the car for an extra two hours. Not to mention the expense of the class itself and the money for gas. Then there is practicing each day, which isn't really a hardship but it is something that must be done daily.

After the first class I wasn't sure we'd be able to stick it out. But I was pretty determined, and I must say I'm so glad that we did. I was incredibly impressed with our instructor, Betsy Newman. Her teaching style was one that I responded to immediately. She broke everything down in such a way that not only did we understand what we were doing and how to achieve that goal, but why we're doing it the way we're doing it.  This helps us to understand a bit better how our dogs think and feel. It also helps that she has a wonderful sense of humor and an obvious adoration for the dogs.

Now, it's no secret that I absolutely adore Patrick, and am thankful daily that I decided to share our home with him. But through this class, our bond has strengthened. Learning the basic rules of obedience can only be achieved with patience, trust, and respect. I feel a new respect and appreciation for Patrick's abilities that might not have happened if not for the class. I was so moved and inspired by this class that I submitted a student comment to Betsy's website. Please check it out if you like.

Oh, yeah, and we're not stopping at just Basic. We're movin' on up to Intermediate! Woot!

Most of our dogs are just waiting to be taken home to the mother ship...
And just for giggles, today I think I'd like to step over the boundary of "way too much information" and share the fact that today....

....I had a root canal!

Here's me in my special goggles and bib after they numbed me up.
Let it be known that I've had lots of work done on my teeth in recent years. I do believe the view of this overhead lamp from my reclining chair is burned on my brain.  In the center of this light is the word "Belmont." It is highly possible that the last word uttered from my lips on my deathbed will indeed by "Belmont." You know, sort of like "Rosebud..."

I look pretty chipper for someone who's going to get the nerves of her tooth pulled out of her head! Honestly, though, if there is such a thing as enjoying going to the dentist, I actually do, which is sort of a miracle and a blessing! They are easygoing and super friendly, not to mention fabulous at their jobs. Shout out to the crew at Dr. Brian Hoops office in Woodland! Yeah!
I think my work here is done!



  1. You are the best kind-of weirdo and I love you. Those dentist pictures are truly bizarre!

  2. Yayyy, congrats Patrick and Lindy! And love the dentist pictures. One of my sister's first friends in grade school was Dr. Hoops's daughter Sally, we were always pretty close with their family! <3