Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Since Kieran has begun attending Montessori school 50 minutes away, I have been in the car a lot more than usual (luckily, my dear friend does the bulk of the driving).  But it looks like a schedule change means that I will be in the car even more. Oh well. Living where we do, you kind of have to accept the fact that you need to drive. Thankfully, we have a reliable car (with the exception of the battery dying the other day!) that I enjoy driving. I call her Bridget.

At any rate, I took Kieran to school today. After I dropped him off I treated myself to doughnuts at a little place in Machias called the Towne Fryer. I chose the old-fashioned plain, and oh my gosh...absolute heaven! You must try these When I returned home after my run this evening, my husband (rather gleefully) informed me that the doughnut maker himself had called. Apparently, instead of filling out a check for the $4 charge, I had written out a check in the amount of $400! Can you believe this? Now, this was before my morning coffee, but still! Sheesh!  At least it gives me an excuse to stop into the shop again...

Once sated with coffee and doughnuts (and a little thrifting, too!) I struck out for the return drive to Eastport. It being a gorgeous, sunny fall day, I decided to take the time to stop and take some pictures of a couple of things that have stood out to me on this commute. For example, this lone bull in a large, green field. The field is mostly grass, but also includes some blueberry barrens, which have turned that fall crimson color. I love the way he watched me as I snapped pics of him. From a very, very safe distance, I might add.

This field happens to abut the cemetery where one set of my grandparents is buried. I decided to park in the cemetery to take some pics of the bull, then decided to take a few photos of the cemetery itself. I happen to appreciate cemeteries. My dad is an amateur genealogist, and ever since I can remember he and my mom would drive one of our jalopies down endless dirt roads in search of grave markers. I distinctly remember the thick dust from the road rising up through the floorboards. I didn't appreciate this at the time, but apparently a love of cemeteries creeped in there along the way. So quiet, so peaceful. The stones. The stories.

My next stop was this old, abandoned building that has intrigued me ever since I was a small child. For some reason, it reminds me a bit of an adobe structure that you might find out west. Or, that's what I thought when I was a kid, anyway.

Lastly, I simply must share with you my thrifting score of the day.

A new ottoman to go with my $2 chair. Isn't she a beauty? Look at those colors!

I must admit that though I don't like to be in the car this much, as commutes go, this one is really quite lovely.


  1. That ottoman is AWESOME! And I love the b&w photo of the doorway to the little building - it's really a lovely shot. Since you have to come in to town to drop Kieran off anyway, we should plan to do coffee or breakfast together one of these days!

  2. That ottoman is one of the most amazing pieces of room decor I've ever seen. What a find! And by the way, I always used to relish my commutes to and from Machias. That stretch of Rt. 1 is pretty sweet.

  3. haha, I was just at that cemetery snapping pictures for the SE deathtrap poster! Such a great place. Love the ottoman too, lucky!

  4. I wish I was with you! I love cemeteries, always have. When I was about 10 or 11 I used to walk to the congo church next to Dr Larson's. I'd walk through all the old stones and wonder about the stories behind them. Then I'd hang out talking to to old bull that used to stay in the barn there.
    Tell your dad I've gotten hooked on doing genealogy as well! Now I'd addicted to Ancestry.com instead of Facebook, lol!

  5. Lindy, I love this building too! For years I've said I want a one room cinder block house in the desert where I can cook beans and tortillas on an open fire. Every time I drive past this building I am reminded of that.

  6. I LOVE that ottoman! Gorgeous! And too funny about the check, so glad they got it resolved!