Friday, December 31, 2010

Revisiting the Earrings

I simply had to post a photo of the beautiful earrings Heron got me for Christmas! Did I mention that they were designed specifically for me and that no one else in the world has a pair like them?! Did I mention that they were designed by my incredibly talented friend, Heather Perry? Well, please humor me, my friends. A girl must gush about these things!

I remember stating in an earlier post that I wasn't really into "things." Please let me state for the record that I am, actually, completely turned on by things. What I'm not into is filling my house chock-a-block full of them! But yes, I love beautiful things! Why not surround yourself and your home with things that you love to look at? That thing could be as mundane as a broom. Consequently, I happen to love my broom. It's got a lovely light colored wooden handle with a handy leather loop so I can hang it up if I want to. And it's got natural bristles made of hay or some other natural fiber.

But I do digress. Here is a shot of me wearing my lovely new earrings. 

Not the best picture. But you get the idea, right? Love the shape and length. Thanks Heron and Heather!


  1. Gorgeous! I have a few pieces of Heather's and love them all. Heron did good!

  2. beautiful! he did a wonderful job! :)