Monday, January 3, 2011

Me and Him

On January 1, Heron and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.

We spent the better portion of the day with our friends Jana and David, and their two kids, Jackson and Lila. Heron, David and the kiddos spent some time skating at the rink in St. Stephen. Jana (my crafty sidekick), Kieran and I spent that time in the fabric section at Marden's. I scored some very sweet rick rack. (I actually took photos of the stuff to share with you another day, that's how fabulous this stuff is!)

We all met up back at the Markows, where they treated us to an absolutely yummy lunch. Hamburgers on the grill, homemade french fries, and chocolate shakes! I was in absolute heaven! This was followed by a delicious apple pie with a crumb topping (Heron's contribution) and cappuccinos. The lunch, along with plenty of crafty chat, made for a relaxing and fun afternoon, and we didn't head home until dark. A lovely day.

Me and him. This must have been taken the summer of 1995.

*Warning: Prepare yourselves for a bit of a sapfest. I mean, come on, doesn't 16 years of togetherness and 11 years of marriage constitute a bit of sappiness? Sheesh!

I truly feel that Heron's love, endless patience, and unwavering support has allowed me not only to grow and change, but to absolutely thrive. For this, I am so incredibly thankful. Sixteen years is a long time, and we've been through countless changes. We've built a home, a community, and a life for ourselves. We've experienced incredible love and happiness in the lives of our two sons. We've endured the loss of our dear son, Evan. But somehow, some way, we continue to look forward and to see the best in each other and what our life together has to offer. Not only have we changed, and continue to change as individuals, but the love and acceptance (and yes, even tolerance, sometimes!) we have for each other continues to deepen and grow. I am truly grateful for us.

Me and him, Halloween 2010.
Because I am trying to step it up in the present-buying department, I actually got Heron an anniversary gift which I felt represented us in some weird way.

Do You Ever Think We're Starting to Look Alike by Ashley G
This is a print by a wonderful artist, Ashley G, who  I discovered on Etsy. Please check out her shop: I adore her art, and I especially adore this print. Luckily, Heron liked it, too!


  1. Really, really cute post! Happy Anniversary and Congrats on 11 years!



  2. Thanks for sharing this, Lindy! I love hearing about other blissfully happy couples. I hope I'll be writing a blog like this in fourteen years when we're celebrating a similar milestone. So happy for you both - you're two pretty lucky suckers.