Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas Finger and Other Adventures

We made it through Christmas. Quite nicely, I would say. It was a relaxed and mellow one spent with friends and family. We attended a lovely party thrown by my wonderful friend Cari (and her husband, Chris). That girl knows how to have a party! They have a big, beautiful home, and she laments the fact that most of the time we hang out in her kitchen around the island (Which she and Chris actually made out of an old dresser! They are so DIY!) It was attended by some of my dearest and most fun friends. Why, look, here are some of them, now!

That's me holding Kieran, Dana, Jana, and the lovely and generous Cari. Please let me take a moment to let you know that I purchased my midnight blue halter gown from my local thrift shop for one dollar! 

Christmas day was blessedly sunshiny. It's wonderful to actually get along with your parents and in-laws and that we all live nearby. We generally spend the holidays together as one unit, which is just what we did this year. In addition to all of us, we were joined by our honorary holiday family members, Dana and Amy, and Amy's two children, Cora and Ellis. This was all great fun for Kieran, who served as the Christmas Cross-dressing Elf/Bob the Builder. The boy's not confused. He just wants to look pretty for his guests (the pretty pink sheath) as well as embrace his ever deepening affection for Bob the Builder.

Kieran, the Christmas Cross-Dressing Elf!
Christmas surprises? Yes. One being a) the fact that I actually shopped for my husband, and b) he actually liked his gifts, which were mostly cooking related! He even proceeded to cook part of our Christmas brunch with that cast iron skillet! Yay! I must sheepishly admit that I'm a little on the lazy side when it comes to gift giving for my husband. I think I crack under the pressure of finding that certain special something. Well, that, coupled with the fact that I don't like to tax my brain all that much... But, this year, I was determined. And I think I accomplished my mission. Thanks goodness, since the other Christmas surprise turned out to be Heron's gift to me, a stunning pair of Heather Perry Fine Jewelry earrings! I think I actually squealed with delight! I love that the gift was a little on the romantic side (he's usually a bit more of the practical gift giver, which actually suits me extremely well). I also love the fact that he chose earrings from a local jewelry designer who also happens to be a good buddy of mine. Heather is an extremely gifted artist, and just a lovely person to boot. I regret I don't have any photos of those earrings. Will try to do that another day. But until then, check her out! www.heatherperryfinejewelry.com/

Now, here is where our Christmas gift giving takes a bit of a gruesome turn...

Heron received a couple of fancy new knives (can you tell where this is going?) as well as a very nifty  electric knife sharpener. He was thrilled. For the past couple days, I'd be puttering around the house when all of a sudden I'd hear the electric thrum of that knife sharpener. Suffice it to say that Heron was in a state of culinary ecstasy.

Unfortunately, that ecstasy came to a halt yesterday evening as he was chopping scallions to go with our white chicken chili. Yes, you guessed it! He just happened to cut off a little extra somethin' somethin' along with those scallions!. Luckily, our dear neighbor, Reggie, is a nurse, and he came right over to tend to Heron's wound. It was a clean, diagonal cut through the nail of his left index finger. (Gross bit ahead) And judging by what I found when I cleaned up those scallions, he lost a wee bit of his fingertip as well! He's doing just fine today, and even chopped veggies for dinner. It will look a little nasty for awhile, but Reggie says it will indeed heal eventually. 

Here's the "after" photo!

I've spent the past couple days in a sort of purging and reorganizing frenzy. Most importantly, I reorganized my craft supplies, fabric, yarn, etc. with this handy dandy wire shelving unit.

Books, yarn, fabric and other crafty supplies neat and organized! 

I also took a bunch of stuff to the thrift shop today. Purging and reorganizing always feel good. The house feels lighter, more streamlined. And I feel ready to begin some new projects this week!

It's been blowing like crazy here on Moose Island. I hope you are all warm and toasty wherever you are!


  1. Wow! I hope hubby heals quickly!!! :)


  2. Hello! so sorry about the holiday injury:( Good that you had immediate care close by!!! Glad you like your new earrings! The design was created especially for you, in case you didn't know! You are the only person in the world with that particular pair!!!!
    Sorry I missed all the parties and look forward to seeing you sometime soon!