Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Packages & Letter from Santa

So, last night there was a bit of a selling and buying frenzy on Etsy. My crow banner was featured in an extremely successful Buy and Replace Treasury. The deal is if you buy an item featured in the treasury, the spot vacated is replaced by one of your items. The items are, for the most part, very reasonably priced, so it's a great opportunity to gain exposure for your shop as well as a way to make new friends! I bought this cool pair of owl earrings from a fellow Maine Etsian. Check them out, and check out her great shop: So that meant that two of my items were featured on the treasury. Both of which sold! Yay! Okay, so a selling "frenzy" might be a bit of a stretch. But I was extremely pleased, nevertheless.

I enjoyed packaging things up this morning (I also had a Secret Santa prezzie I wanted to send out). I hope people enjoy opening their packages, and more importantly, enjoy what is IN their package! I thought the packages looked pretty, so I decided to share a photo of them.

Wouldn't you be excited to receive these sweet packages in the mail?

I make gift tags and send personal messages in each package I send out using card stock and cotton fabric. I glue pieces of fabric to the cardstock, then sew the pieces of fabric to the cardstock using the sewing machine. It gives the packages a special, handmade touch. And they're fun to make.

Kieran has been composing his letter to Santa for quite a while, but it wasn't until a few days ago that we actually popped the finished letter into the special post office box. Yesterday he received his own personal letter from Santa.  You've heard the cliche about kids' eyes lighting up when they talk about Santa, right? Well, let me bore you all by telling you that my son's eyes lit up when he realized that Santa had sent a letter especially for him. As a result, we have read that letter to him probably ten times. He even folded up the letter and tucked it in his pocket to take with him to his art group today so he could share it with his friends.

At the ripe old age of four, this is the first year Kieran has taken a real interest in the whole Christmas/Santa phenomenon. And as cliche as this sounds, it is truly magical to see your child's eyes shine with wonder, imagination, and hope. Thankfully, I have the opportunity to see this look often as he learns to make his way in this world. It's a look that holds a lot of power for a parent. It breaks my heart and fills me with so much love I can hardly stand it. I'm not sure that makes much sense, but there it is.  So here is my Christmas wish for him, and for all of us. May we all continue to live lives of wonder, imagination and delight in the world around us.

In other news, Heron's holiday vacation begins today! Kieran and I are excited to have him around. And I like that he gets a break from his daily routine. Sometimes I feel a little guilty that I get to stay home everyday. I mean, taking care of a home and a four year old isn't exactly easy, but I'm my own boss and we do lots of fun things. Add that to the fact that I'm actually not much of a homemaker and I don't do any of the cooking, this might not seem like such a great deal! Therefore, I am truly grateful that Heron is out there every day making it possible for me to be at home. He is a very patient, supportive (and indulgent) husband!

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