Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Putting My Son to Bed & New Knitting Project

For some reason tonight, I just didn't want to put my son to bed. Some nights are like that. We're having fun, he's a little overtired so he's a tad goofy and snuggly. There's also the fact that it's nice and warm in the livingroom with the stove cranking out that luscious heat, but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

I finally get him upstairs, much too late. Then I proceed to read him not one, not two, but several chapters of My Father's Dragon. When I turn out the light, I accept his request to "snuggle for a little bit." And it's so warm in that little bed. We're so cozy, side by side on the penquin flannel sheets that Santa brought him for Christmas. We make up stories for each other about volcanoes in Hawaii and boatrides in Passamaquoddy Bay. He lists his best friends and the places he'd most like to visit (Italy and Thailand, for the food, naturally). And I don't ever want to leave this bed. I want to stay here forever with Kieran, in our little flannel cocoon. I want to know everything about this little person.

At this point, I realize that the poor boy will never get to sleep as long as I'm in there with him, so I reluctantly leave the warmth of the bed. But what a moment, wouldn't you agree?

Now, onto some craftiness!

My mom gifted me with some really pretty yarn this Christmas. Nice and soft, too. I decided to knit myself a vest. I've been wanting to knit a vest for quite some time. Why? I have no idea. I don't believe I've ever owned or worn a vest. But maybe the knitter in me just doesn't want to bother with the sleeves!  At any rate, I've chosen a pretty one with a cable and some pretty lace, and have actually already begun. You're supposed to knit the front and back separately then sew up the seams. But that seems too complicated. Sewing seams is such a drag. So I'm knitting it in the round and just figuring out modifications as I go. Check it out. 

Here's a picture of the yarn and the beginning of this project.

Yeah, not a great picture. The color is tawny, taupe-y. Sort of a cross between a squirrel and a deer. Well, that doesn't sound all that great, but believe me, it is!

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