Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekending with the Pirates

There's a lot of celebrating to be done in Eastport during the month of September. Last weekend our community celebrated the salmon. This weekend, it was pirates. That's right. Pirates.

My favorite pirate had his own pet crow. He/she was a beauty.

For six years running, a whole week or so is devoted to the pirate. Eastport pirates invade Lubec. Lubec pirates invade Eastport. It is not uncommon to run into pirates on your way for your morning coffee and muffin. Pirate flags, skeletons, swords and more adorn the shops downtown. It's big doins' for this small community. People flock from all over in their best pirate finery to participate in the festivities, including a costume ball, parade, bed races, music, pirate reenactments, and boat races. There's lots more, but we don't participate in a lot of the festivities. Kieran's not completely sold on the whole pirate theme. That being said, he did spend an awful lot of time sporting a hook and eye patch this weekend!

Pirates could not have picked a better weekend to invade our town. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we spent plenty of time outside celebrating the sun. Here are some of the highlights:

When I asked Patrick what his take was on this whole pirate festival frivolity, he responded rather rudely...

Kieran helps his dad replace a bike tube. I love watching them work on projects together.

While they worked on their tire, I knit, read, drank coffee, and enjoyed just sitting in the sun.
The boat parade and races drew a surprising amount of boats from Eastport and the surrounding areas, including Cutler and Jonesport Beals.

Uncle Damon

Folks gathered on the breakwater to watch the boat races.

Family portrait!

The weekend ended with an afternoon at the beach. I picked up a boogie board for Kieran at a yard sale, and it was a dollar well spent!

I'm hoping you all had a lovely weekend, too!


  1. I love those pictures of Kieran! He's so handsome. And looks like a blast. Sorry we missed it!

  2. Shiver me timbers! What fun!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us! :)

  3. Love it! We were out to Eastport the weekend before Pirate weekend and it was gorgeous, too! Less crowded, I'd imagine! Love these photos!