Monday, September 19, 2011

A Slow and Lovely Day

As I sat on the beach this afternoon, knitting in hand, Kieran chattering away between his water games, I felt that I would be completely content if all my days were just like this one.

So here's how the day goes (an abbreviated version, but not by much!):

Wake up around 8:30. Kieran has informed me that he's eaten most of the blueberries I picked yesterday and which I had intended to turn into some sort of spectacular cake. Oh well. That will teach me to sleep in!

Breakfast cereal and coffee on the deck. I putter. A little chore here, a little chore there. Dishes done and kitchen counters clean. I don't want to overdo...

Anne calls and we make a plan to hike at Shackford Head State Park, which we do. We have a lovely hike. The weather is perfect. As Kieran is fond of saying, it's not too hot, not too cold. The sun is nice and warm on our heads.

We followed the Schooner Trail, Kieran acting as hike leader. Patrick and I bring up the rear, all of us chatting and appreciating our gorgeous surroundings and the beautiful fall day.

Cecelia is becoming quite a hiker! She's changing so much.
Will you just look at that face? How I love this little guy! At this point he had just eaten some blackberries he discovered on the forest floor!
Our hike lasted an hour or so, after which we parted ways. Kieran and I had a quick lunch. I finished up an Etsy order. Then we packed a bag full of snacks, I grabbed my knitting, and we headed down to Reggie's Beach where we spent the whole afternoon. What a way to live! These days are even more precious since Kieran is in school three days a week.

Kieran likes to carry our supplies in his backpack.
This second hand, yard sale, one dollar boogie board has provided Kieran no end of fun!
The Ada Lore passes between us and Deer Island.
Always with the knitting...

I just never seem to tire of days like these. I doubt I ever will.


  1. Aww Lindy, what a simple, lovely day. Your life is so full. :)

  2. that looks like the best day ever! Such great photos to capture it!