Sunday, July 17, 2011

put a bird on it!

Okay, so I've got a thing for skirts lately. But it is summer, after all. And I honestly don't remember the last time I wore jeans. Well, that's not completely true. But they didn't stay on for very long. It's just been too warm in these here parts, believe it or not! Yes, this simply dreamy weather is positively, absolutely conducive to skirt wearing. And while I have thrifted many cute little tops this summer, I'm not as well stocked in the "bottoms" department. So, why not make my own? I've already had success with this little number.  Why not duplicate it with fabric I found at Marden's (for a mere $1.99/yard)? And, why not put a bird on it?!

Not a great picture, but you get the general idea!

"Put a bird on it!"
At  the expense of making my obsession with bird motifs seem absolutely lame, I beg you to watch this clip from Portlandia. It is amusing.
Lots of artsy things going on around the island this weekend (actually, when AREN'T artsy things going on in Eastport?). In addition to the artwalk and concert (music by The Fieldguides) at the gorgeous new downtown amphitheater,  Kieran and I attended the Noel Paul Stookey show at the Eastport Arts Center. He did a special kids concert in the afternoon, which really was fun. What song rounded out the show? You guessed it. Good 'ole "Puff the Magic Dragon"! Heron had the opportunity to act as Stookey's sound engineer for the evening show and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Stookey was a cool guy, and Heron thought his music was pretty amazing.

On another, and possibly equally pathetic note as my bird motif fetish, is my obsession with Moose Island Bakery. My near daily pilgrimage to this new downtown establishment has become a little ridiculous. I'm almost embarrassed when I swing that heavy door open and immediately start drooling as I ogle the goods yet again! On a more positive note, I've really picked up my running schedule. Eat a danish, run four miles...

Now, go put a bird on something!

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  1. I love Portlandia! And this skirt :) Thanks so much for sharing! <3