Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life is Sweet at the Beach

Life has been simple here on Moose Island this week. We've been keeping ourselves at the beach pretty much nonstop. We're on a role here with this blissful weather. It was even downright sticky at times. But I barely noticed, cause I was at the beach.

Primarily, we hang out at the beach directly across the road and down the hill from our house. We are blessed with wonderful neighbors who are happy for us to hang out there. We refer to this beach always as "Reggie's Beach", named after one of said neighbors (who will never, ever be allowed to move if I have anything to say about it!). And the other beach we frequent is on the South End of the island. We refer to this as "Chris and Connie's Beach", named after good friends of ours who live right next door to this lovely little stretch of sandy coastline. Many folks in town bring their dogs to run on this beach, or search for sand dollars or beach glass. Or maybe just while away a pleasant afternoon with friends, as I am lucky to do so often, watching our children make up their own seaside games, create sculptures from beach clay, and dig for clams.  

This summer, I have pretty much forsaken most regular household routines and creative pursuits to hang out at the beach and spend time with my friends. The dishes are often left till later. Laundry in its various stages is left in piles. But Mother Nature is speaking to me. She wants us to enjoy what she has to offer. And I am listening!

Heron has been taking quite a few dips at Reggie's Beach this season. This past week the tide has been cooperating quite nicely, its high mark coming right around three or so in the afternoon. It's the perfect time to take a swim. On one of these particular late afternoon dips this week, as the three of us slowly, slowly walked up the hill back to the house, I remarked that this slow, easy march felt so much like the pace of our summer.  We talked of how lucky Kieran is to have these sunny beachside days spent with family and good friends. We are helping to create special, and maybe even magical, childhood memories for him. I have such wonderful childhood memories of days spent near water. I love the idea that he will be able to look back on his own childhood and remember that when he wanted to go to the beach, Mama and Daddy were (almost always) happy to oblige!

Kieran at Chris & Connie's Beach
Patrick actually swims! What a champ!
Lindy's shadow

Kieran is creating a foundation for who-knows-what with beach clay and beach bricks.
Lindy's toes and her other shadow of the furry variety.
On this particular day we were observing a sailboat race. Heron was crewing on one of the boats.
My beach-loving boy.
I am not spending my summer surrounded by or steeped in any sort of serious conflict. I am unconcerned with trying to challenge myself or matters of personal growth.  Quite simply, I just want to have FUN! I want to do the things that please me. To take absolute pleasure in my family and friends. To help my son make beautiful, beachside memories. Ahhhh. How I just dearly love this summer.

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  1. How amazing that you are having a conflict-free, stress and negativity-free summer. Very happy for you!