Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Summer Skirt and Some Weekend Fun

This past weekend was a fun one. My very oldest (we first met in kindergarten) and one of my very dearest friends, Becky, came to spend a night with us.One of her three boys, Justin, kept her company on her journey Downeast, as well as her sweet little Havanese puppy, Zeke. Zeke is actually largely responsible for me being the happy mom of my dog son, Patrick. I took one look at a picture of Zeke, fell in deep love, and decided I must have a little fuzzy pup, too!

Now, just like Becky and me, Patrick and Zeke are the best of friends. And although one would assume Zeke would grow tired of Patrick trying to "have his way with him" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) all of the time, he never seems to mind much. He realizes that Patrick is just going through a faze, and he cheerfully humors Patrick his rather exuberant humping and pumping ways. Friendship at its best!

Kieran poses with  Zeke and Patrick (he's the one with his tongue stuck out) while they take a break from mauling each other. Aren't they the cutest?
While Becky and I caught up,  Kieran enjoyed the company of Justin, who is eight. They spent the bulk of their time creating castles and practicing musical numbers to perform for us. The themes of their songs covered subjects such as ice cream and aliens taking over the earth. Heron, always happy to host,  treated us to a delicious meal of Indian food. I believe it was chicken tikka, but honestly, I don't remember. I do remember, however, that it was absolutely yummy!

On Sunday, after Becky, Justin, and Zeke departed, Kieran spied Heron watering some broccoli seedlings he had just planted in the garden. He decided he wanted daddy to sprinkle him with the hose. His dad agreed, and he ran off to put on his shorts. It was truly one of the hottest days we have enjoyed this spring, and Kieran was really embracing it in his little short shorts!

Kieran patiently waits for Heron to finish watering his seedlings.

Kieran in his little gray shorts.
I took the opportunity to finish up a skirt I had been working on. I basically followed the easy A-line type skirt pattern in One-Yard Wonders, but made it a bit longer and added a little pocket.

I added a little blue bias tape detail on the pocket. I think the pocket was a nice addition that I will actually use.
The pattern was pretty straight forward and easy. However, it called for the pattern to be cut on the bias, which is great. But I'd never cut a pattern on the bias before, so I cut out the front piece of the skirt wrong. And as I didn't have enough material to start over, I actually had to sew the fabric back together and place the pattern on the material properly and cut it out again. This means that there are a couple of interesting seams across the front of the skirt, but that's okay. I think it looks pretty cool that way!

I think I would definitely whip up some more skirts from this pattern. It sewed up incredibly quickly and has a simple elastic waist band.  And isn't the fabric pretty? Another Marden's find. What do you think? Like it?

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  1. Great skirt, Lindy!

    I love the pics of your happy Springtime activities!