Friday, June 10, 2011

The View from Here

It is absolutely, blissfully, fantastically beautiful here in my neck of the woods. Here are a few shots of what we are lucky enough to be seeing and experiencing today.

Kieran against the backdrop of Passamaquoddy Bay and Deer Island, New Brunswick.
My rubber wellies ( I scored them for 50 cents at the local thrift shop awhile ago and hardly ever take them off) against the backdrop of Passamaqouddy Bay and Deer Island, New Brunswick. And there's Patrick to the left.
My bare-bottomed boy in his rubber boots. He rarely takes his off either, though we just scored a pair of summer crocs (the real ones) at Marden's.
My sweet, furry (or not quite so furry since we had him sheared!) dog son. He totally digs the beach!
Lindy by the Sea herself in very large shades she scored at Marden's yesterday. I love them! The combination of my clothing choices and these sunglasses are making me feel very hippie housewife today. I kinda like it.
Aren't we lucky to live here? I think so. I sorta feel like I'm on vacation every day. Of course, I don't have to get up and go to "work," in the most technical sense of the word. Kieran and I are free to wander around this beautiful island we live on. And we sure do!

I hope you are enjoying the view from wherever you are today! And if you are so moved, show me!

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