Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sailing (Sorta...)

After being basically (and blessedly) untouched by Hurricane Irene (the worst of it for us was a flicker in the power every now and again), the day after the storm was absolutely glorious. A perfect day for a little late afternoon sailboat ride.

Now, I must admit, for the record, that I'm not awfully crazy about the water. As much as I absolutely adore living near the water (and have pretty much always lived near the ocean), and feel that I might somehow suffocate if I could not live near the sea, I have not had much experience actually being on the water.

Thankfully, my son does not feel the same sort of trepidation when it comes to boating. His grandparents own a smallish sailboat, and he often goes motoring (not actual sailing) around Passamaqooddy Bay with them. So when the opportunity came up this afternoon to go for a little motor cruise around the bay (again, not actually sailing) he and my husband were surprised when I expressed an interest, especially since I had not been on the boat all summer.

In an attempt to keep the boat safe from the ravages of Irene, my father-in-law, Paul, and my brother-in-law, Damon, had moved the boat from its usual mooring and maneuvered it into the safe shelter of Eastport's breakwater. Today's mission was to return the Chance to its usual mooring, about a half hour away. Would we like to come along for the ride? Usually, I don't even consider it. But the day was so gorgeous, with just the faintest hint of fall in the air. And I think I just wanted to mark the end, or almost the end, of this lovely summer I've had by doing something different. The opportunity to take a boat ride with my family seemed just the ticket.

So that is what we did. With Damon at the tiller, we took a lovely little motor cruise. Complete with beer and barbecue chips.

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Photo courtesy of Flourish
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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Lindy! :) I hope you win! And I love this whole post, your family is so lovely. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more. <3