Thursday, August 4, 2011

Around and About

This is just a (photo-heavy) post of random photos I've taken this past week.

A view of my living room, dining area, and my feet.
Rafi and Anne's chicken, Blaise. She's been sitting on fertilized eggs (not her own) for a long time now. Her broody behavior paid off this week. I don't think the count is quite in yet, but at least two or three baby chicks (that we know of) have hatched successfully. A minute before I snapped this photo, a little black and cream head was peeping out from under its mama. Way to go, Blaise!
As we were headed off to what turned out to be a lovely party at Tide Mill Organic Farm, Anne turned around and this is what she saw. Now, neither of them look too happy in this snapshot, but I can assure you that there were lots of smiles and happiness going on. I'm glad Cecelia and Kieran are becoming friends.
Dear Anne and Cecelia. Aren't they beautiful?
Heron's got that rugged, mountain man look going for him this summer. Well, actually, he sports that look most of the time, come to think of it...But doesn't he wear it well?!!
That face.
Note to self: Please remember never to take photos in the middle of the day. At any rate, this is our overgrown garden. Weeds, and veggies, in plentiful supply. Our gardening style? I'd say relaxed. Extremely relaxed.
Daniel has taken to napping on my fabric. Bad kitty! Now I have to re-wash it all. Ah well, I'm not doing much sewing these days, anyway. It's too nice to be inside. Winter will be upon us soon and I'll be itching to get back to my machine on a more regular basis.
Kieran asked to take a portrait of his mom and dad. This is it.
The flowers, especially the daylillies, really brighten up the place. Look at that pink astilbe!
Kieran makes  a "funny face" for the camera. I have so much to teach this child...

This is the way my workspace looks today. Is it any wonder sewing holds no appeal for me right now? If any of you have photos/links to your workspace, I'd LOVE to see them! Yes, I'm nosy and love to see how people live. What can I say?
We are headed out tomorrow to New Brunswick, Canada for a weekend camping extravaganza. This is an annual trip that we take with a group of our wonderful friends. I'm not usually one who thinks a group vacation is a good idea, but we always have such a blast! We're on our third year, and we always look forward to it. I'll get back at you with the deets and some pics next week. I know you're all going to want to camp at New River Beach when you see what kind of crazy good time we had! Actually, my version of a good time might not blow your mind, unless your mind is blown by beach side knitting (I think I'm going to knit myself a poncho or a shrug); beach side reading and chatting with friends; quiet, contemplative walks on the beach; and beach side bocce ball (this game can get pretty heated, depending on who is playing).

Anyway, away we go...!

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  1. Lindy, all of these pictures are amazing! Sometimes I think Kieran looks just like Heron, then I see a picture of you and think he looks like you! Hehe thank you so much for sharing all of these :)