Monday, August 8, 2011

Camping is Cool

I love camping!

Here are a few reasons why:
  • Lounging all day long on the beach with some of the best folks you'd ever hope to meet. 
  • Looking out onto the vast expanse of nothing but sandy beach. I wish I could convey in pictures or in words how beautiful this landscape looks to me. Being a born and bred Downeaster, I'm used to shorelines of the rockier variety. To walk, run and skip on nothing but sand seems almost surreal.
  • Watching the "camp kids" race across a practically empty, early morning beach at low tide. They somehow magically manage to shed their clothes while at the same time racing like maniacs toward the sea. I loved spending that hour or so with them. They raced excitedly from one wonder to the next, lost in their own adventure while I observed them from afar, (who could keep up?) sipping my camp coffee.
  • The fact that our campsite was this year's "hot spot". Each year we sort of choose a central campsite where we do the majority of our cooking and gathering. This year it was us. 
  • Seeing Kieran race around with the big kids, and watching how they treat him with such kindness.
  • Laughing with friends around a campfire late into the night.
  • Camp food. We don't just settle for hotdogs and hamburgers (although they're always on hand in generous supply). Our group includes some very adventurous camp cooks. Fried rice, salmon, spam casserole (that's right, you heard me), marinated organic chicken breasts, steak, and pasta w/sausage and fresh veggies. We were even treated to a cast iron skillet of wild chanterelle mushrooms sauteed in butter that were foraged in the forest (how cool is that?). We all stuffed ourselves silly.
  • Being completely leisurely. There are no hard and fast rules when you're camping!
  • Listening to your friends and your husband play "Two Truths and a Lie" while you are supposed to be asleep in your tent. Very informative...
Camp kids. Kieran's cheek is stuffed with cherries!
I kept finding these man-made structures of rock and wood. Actually, three to be exact. They intrigued me for some reason, so I had to take pics of each one.
The water is not really that much warmer here. I mean, we're only about one and a half hours away from home. But somehow the war just feels a little warmer. I think it's all that sand...

From the beach, you're looking at New River Island. And on a truly clear day (which it was, the first day we were there) we could see all the way to Grand Manan Island.

Chanterelles. They were beautiful. I'm not a mushroom lover, but I had to try them.

A pic of my new summer hat (oh yeah, and that's me in the dark glasses).
Part of the provincial park includes a system of trails, some leading you through boggy areas. Pictured here are a pitcher plant and a baked apple berry plant.
The walking trails consisted mostly of boardwalk trails like these, which made our hike seem somehow extra special. I loved walking on boardwalks as a kid, and I still find them a treat!

Here we all are!
 For those of you who are interested, we were camping at New River Beach in New Brunswick, Canada. It's a lovely provincial campground with woodsy camping sites, many of which feel (and are) cozy and private. You have complete access to the gorgeous beach. There's even a cool playground and a little place to get snacks. Check out this link for more info and photos. I would encourage this spot for any of you looking for a family friendly  place to camp.

Now to finish unpacking all that camping gear that's still sitting in the mudroom...

I hope you and your families indulge in a little camping adventure this summer!


  1. These pictures are amazing! You guys have such fun together, I love that about you. :)

  2. What fun! I can almost feel that sand between my toes. And that pasta looks scrumptious. Oh, and you look so glam in that hat! Thanks so much for sharing this good time with all of us!

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  4. Camping may be cool Lindy... BUT You're even Cooler!!!